Rory McIlroy’s Guidance On Dieting Is Straightforward

CHARLOTTE – Rory McIlroy has undergone a transformation, the kind you rarely see from somebody, Since turning professional in 2007.

Working out and eating well was not a priority, with his own body fat hovering around 24 percent when he arrived. With Rory now standing 160 and 5-foot-10 lbs of muscle, that figure dropped in the space of 3 years.


How’d he do it? During a dedication to a strong workout program and, since he disclosed on Tuesday a few dieting habits that are maybe not overly-complicated, before the week’s PGA Championship:

“Everything in moderation is my motto. Anything don’t cut out. I will have some chocolate, if I believe I want some chocolate. I’ll have a hamburger if I want a burger, but I would not have a hamburger daily. So everything in moderation. I’m not so strict with my diet. Probably should be a little more strict, if I am honest, but you’re allowed a treat every once in a while, so try to keep it like this.”

Sounds simple enough! Soon, we’ll all be ripped as Rory. That means we are all thanks for a flurry of championship wins, too.

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