What The Eating Habits Of Warren Buffett May Teach About Your Career

Have you ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat”?

It may be a well-worn cliché, but it nevertheless includes an important point: your diet is a reflection of your behavior, habits, and routine, which all go a long way into how you function in other aspects of your life — including your career and professional pursuits.

It is true: looking at the diet of someone may give you a real glimpse into her or his life’s rest. According to a recent post by Entrepreneur, a diet forces a brain, functions to properly fuel you as you pursue your daily goals, and helps boost sharpness, memory, and your own focus. So, if you’re looking to get on the fast track to success, why don’t you try and follow in the footsteps of someone who has already made it there?

You couldn’t choose a more successful person to concentrate over Warren Buffett, legendary investor and among the world’s wealthiest individuals. It may be a struggle to quickly pinpoint why Buffett has achieved such stratospheric heights of success in a field where so many others have tried and failed, but maybe a glimpse into his eating habits can help shed some light. Continue reading!

It might surprise you that Warren Buffett is a junk food junky. It is true — when asked, he’s got no problem telling others that he has a typical six-year-old’s diet. Sugary sodas, processed foods, and snack foods which would not be considered “nutritious” factor largely into his everyday eating routine. Not precisely what the average nutritionist would endorse if you want your mind and body working at their best levels.

If you think this is a light for you so as to realize your career objectives to live on junk foods and really a ringing endorsement of eating habits, think again! While we are not saying that the secret to success lies at the base of a bag of potato chips or a glass of pop, there are a few lessons to be learned in Warren Buffett makes eating decisions.

Do Not follow trends

It’s tough to go through an entire day without hearing about the dangers of junk food and eating all kinds of healthful foods or getting on the most recent fad diets are crucial for getting your life on track and keeping it there. In fact, it takes a really strong-willed individual who marches to the beat of their own drummer to ignore these messages. And that’s a part of what causes Buffett a victory — he does not follow trends when he eats or invests, he sticks to his instincts and also that which he knows best, and he thinks out the box when making decisions. You won’t see Buffett following the most recent trends when he eats a meal or makes an investment choice, and not after the crowd has helped him succeed.

Pursue what you like

Buffett likes junk food and meals that are processed, so that’s what he reaches when he is hungry. Straightforward. His approach to life is much like his way to meal choices. He follows pleasures and his enthusiasm, among which is investing, and it has helped him achieve sustained, long-term success over decades. Buffett is well into his 80s and he is still going strong!

Eat quickly and get on with your life

Buffett doesn’t spend a good deal of effort and time on making meal choices that are complicated. When he is hungry, he moves on to other important tasks and challenges within his day and grabs something quick and close by. The reality is, there are a limited number of hours in every day, and people like Buffett prefer to spend time working than planning meals that are nutritious, towards achieving goals. The lesson here is to make the most of your time towards accomplishing your objectives and devote your energy.

Here is the bottom line — a diet packed with junk food will not make you an instantaneous success like Buffett, but adhering to the thought process he applies from food to investing, to regions in his entire life, will be able to help you achieve your goals. After your instincts instead of tendencies staying committed and focused, and pursuing your passion might be the recipe for victory in your lifetime!