White House Doctor: Trump Healthy, Passed Cognitive Assessment, But Wants To Eliminate Weight And Exercise

WASHINGTON — A White House doctor added that he easily passed out a cognitive evaluation designed to test his mental reflexes — and pronounced President Trump fit to function as commander-in-chief on Tuesday.  

“The president’s overall health is excellent,” Dr. Ronny Jackson told reporters during an odd hour-long briefing at the White House, days after finishing the Trump’s initial physical exam as president.  

Jackson did state that the 71-year-old, 239-pound president may use more exercise and an improved diet that’s lower in fat and carbohydrates. Trump, who’s known to eat junk food and to avoid exercise beyond golfing, is overweight and has established a “reasonable goal” of losing 10 to 15 lbs in the upcoming year and creating a regular fitness routine, the doctor said.  

“He’s enthusiastic about the diet area than the workout area,” Jackson added.

The president’s annual physical  at  Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, which took place on Friday, is a regular practice. But Trump’s examination  has taken amid concerns about his fitness.  

Jackson, a Navy rear admiral who wore his uniform to the White House press room, said it is the first time he knows of a evaluation has been awarded to a president.

Cognitive assessment

Critics began openly questioning Trump’s mental heath this past month following a tweet where he said  he has a bigger atomic button than North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, and also the publication of Fire and Fury, a book about the White House,  where anonymous Trump acquaintances questioned the president’s mental stability.  

Trump, before that month, pushed back over Twitter, hinting he’s a “very stable genius” and mental stability is among his best assets.  

Jackson stated he “initially had no motive” of adding a test of the president’s mental fitness in his first annual physical, and stressed that he had   “certainly no concerns about his cognitive capacity or neurological acts” Assessments are not usually a part of physicals.  

However, in the request of the president, Jackson did an assessment for any cognitive impairment such as Alzheimers — and Trump obtained a perfect score.  

“The president is very sharp,” Jackson stated.  

Asked how Trump could remain healthy on a diet which includes McDonald’s and Diet Cokes, Jackson explained: “It’s called genetics — I do not know.”

While Trump’s  may be the fantasy diet of a teenaged boy, it is a nightmare for people attempting to model or message that healthful eating — and exercise —  will be the key to great health. And that is something Jackson is going to work with him to change.  

“You can find ‘good’ genes, but that which research has shown us is over genes, more than healthcare, more than social conditions, behaviors are the leading cause of premature death,” says Bernadette Melnyk, a professor and dean of Ohio State University’s college of nursing and the university’s chief wellness officer. “And there’s good evidence for this.”

All things considered, the genes of one may only do this much.  

“Some receptor variants are slightly more effective at detoxifying harmful compounds in the liver, which contributes to a marginally decreased cancer risk,” says Maureen Murphy, a cancer geneticist with the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia. “But I don’t believe great genetics trumps —     I mean defeats —   poor lifestyle.”  

Trump is well-known for questioning whether exercise is valuable and does not seem to get any with a cart beyond golf.

This action burns an average of 411 calories for 2 holes, or just about half as many calories than walking, according to a research by Neal Wolkendoff of the Colorado Center for Health and Sport Science.  

Will cause longevity even though Trump has enjoyed good health until his early 70s, that doesn’t imply his lifestyle.  

“Luck is a massive part and it may not last,” Murphy stated.  

A thorough briefing    

Under repeated questioning at the White House that lasted an hour, Jackson said he had no worries regarding Trump’s physical, psychological, or emotional ability.  

Jackson said Trump encouraged him to take, and also to talk with reporters about the bodily.

Based on Jackson, Trump told Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, “I do not want you pulling him off that point.”  

Reporters peppered Jackson with queries about his bitterness and television-watching habits and how much sleep he gets a night. Jackson estimated that Trump gets four to five hours of sleep. “He does not sleep,” he said.  

Asked during a speech about the slurring of words of the president, Jackson stated it was likely a dry throat, and said there is no evidence of vocal performance that was diminished.

“I believe I want a drink of water,” he joked.

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