White House Doctor Healthfuland Cognitive Assessment, Passed, But Wants To Lose Weight And Exercise

WASHINGTON — A White House doctor added that he passed — also pronounced President Trump fit to serve on Tuesday.  

“The president general health is excellent,” Dr. Ronny Jackson told reporters during an odd hour-long briefing at the White House, days after completing the Trump’s initial physical examination as president.  

Jackson did say that the 239-pound president could use more exercise and a better diet that is lower in fat and carbohydrates. Trump, who is known to eat crap food and to prevent exercise beyond golf, is obese and has established a “realistic goal” of dropping 10 to 15 lbs in the upcoming year and developing a regular exercise routine, the doctor said.  

“He’s more enthusiastic about the diet part in relation to the exercise part,” Jackson added.

The president’s annual in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, which took place is a practice that is regular. But the examination of Trump has taken amid questions about his mental wellbeing.  

Jackson, a Navy rear admiral who wore his uniform into the White House press room, said it’s the first time he knows of a test has been awarded to a president.

Cognitive assessment

Critics began openly questioning Trump’s mental heath this past month after a tweet in which he said  he has a bigger nuclear button than North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, and the publication of Fire and Fury, a novel about the White House,  where anonymous Trump acquaintances contested the president’s psychological stability.  

Trump, earlier this month, pushed back over Twitter, hinting he is a “very stable genius” and that mental stability is among his best assets.  

Jackson said he “initially had no intention” of adding an evaluation of the president’s mental fitness in his initial annual physical, and worried that he had   “absolutely no worries about his cognitive capacity or neurological acts” Such assessments are not usually part of physicals that are presidential.  

Still, for any impairment such as Alzheimers, Jackson failed an assessment to screen at the request of the president — and Trump got  a perfect score.  

“The president is mentally very sharp,” Jackson said.  

Diet and exercise 

The president has a body mass index of 29.9 which places him in the overweight category on the Brink of obesity, That is defined as a BMI of 30 or Higher.    

Trump, who’s gained three pounds because his physical in 2016, requires a medication to reduce his cholesterol, and Jackson said he can increase the dosage.   The doctor added that Trump does not use tobacco or alcohol, one of the reasons that he is in good health.  

Asked how Trump could remain healthy on a diet which contains McDonald’s and Diet Cokes, Jackson explained: “It’s known as genetics — I don’t know.”

While Trump’s may be the dream diet of a boy, it is a nightmare for those attempting that healthy eating — and exercise —  are the key to great health. And that’s something Jackson is going to work with him to change.  

“There are ‘good’ genes, however what research has shown us is that over genes, more than health care, more than social conditions, behaviors are the chief cause of premature death,” says Bernadette Melnyk, a professor and dean of Ohio State University’s college of nursing along with the university’s chief wellness officer. “And there’s good evidence for this.”

After all, the genes of one may only do so much.  

“Some receptor variants are somewhat more effective at eradicating harmful chemicals from the liver, which leads to a slightly decreased cancer risk,” says Maureen Murphy, a cancer geneticist using the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia. “However, I don’t believe great genetics    I mean beats —   poor way of life.”  

Trump is well-known for questioning whether exercise is valuable and does not seem to get any beyond golfing using a cart.

This activity burns just about half as many calories than walking, or an average of 411 calories for 2 holes, according to a study by Neal Wolkendoff of the Colorado Center for Health and Sport Science.  

Will cause longevity though Trump has enjoyed good health until his early 70s, that doesn’t mean his lifestyle.  

“Luck is a massive part and it might not last,” Murphy stated.  

A thorough briefing    

Under Jackson said he had no concerns regarding the physical, psychological, or emotional ability to perform the job of Trump.  

Jackson stated Trump encouraged him to take every question they needed, and also to talk with colleagues about the physical.

Based on Jackson, Trump told Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, “I do not want you pulling him off that point.”  

Reporters peppered Jackson with questions about his bitterness and television-watching habits and how much sleep he gets a night. Jackson estimated that Trump just gets a few hours of sleep a night. “He does not sleep much,” he explained.  

Asked about the president’s slurring of words during  a recent speech, Jackson said there isn’t any clinical evidence of impaired vocal performance, and stated it was probably just a dry throat.

“I think I need a drink of water,” he joked.