Mom: Here’s How I Got My Body Back After Having 2 Kids And Lost 50 Pounds

A mother who has lost nearly 50 pounds claims time management helped her lose the pounds.  

Megan Galata, revenue plan manager together with the USA TODAY Network and mom to 3-year-old Olivia and 7-month-old Sebastian, weighed around 185 pounds during pregnancy. Thanks to meal preparation and making time for fitness and emotional wellbeing, she says she is straight back to her pre-baby burden of 136  lbs.  

Here’s how she did it (and the Way she continues to stay healthy):

1. Produce (and adhere to) a meal calendar. Galata intends out dinners for every month, prepping ingredients beforehand and shares cooking duties with her husband. In this manner, remains in control of her diet and she averts food.

2. Benefit from fitness perks. Galata functions in a construction with an onsite gym. She has joined fitness classes there, and makes them a priority. Coworkers help keep her accountable.  

3. Make me some time.   Before having children, Galata was a part of a soccer league, and she’s continued to engage as a mother. It’s time for her. It is great for her mental health, and it is a great workout.