New York Gym Launches Workout Course

For those trying to maintain their New Year’s resolution to get healthy in 2018, a New York gym class includes a novel idea: workout from the nude.  

Hanson Fitness, a gym series  used by celebrities which range from Rihanna to Sandra Bullock, is supplying naked full body conditioning classes commence on Jan. 5 at its Soho place, Business Insider reported. The fitness center will start with one course that is mixed, one for each of the genders, and three weekly nude exercise classes.   For people who would like a more intimate exercise experience, there are private sessions available.  

“These nude private training sessions are all about building a ‘new (‘nu-de’-RRB- you’, as guests burn off the calories whilst naked,” according to   the fitness center’s Facebook event page.  

Therefore, just what are the benefits of exercising in the buff? According to the gym, exercising without clothing allows your skin to breathe, and also “entire body awareness so you can see if you are cheating on your exercise routines”

“The class is intended to be a total body workout which uses your body weight as resistant to work the glutes, butt, legs and heart — making you look and feel great nude,” the gym centered on its own FB page.  

Still not convinced? 

According to the gym’s disclaimer, “nude underwear” may be worn throughout the exercise sessions.