Food Ideals Are Challenged By Vegan Wrestler Austin Aries

Austin Aries comprehends that when you think “vegan,” you don’t think professional wrestler. But he knows that when he declared he ate just a plant-based diet, becoming a vegan pro wrestler became a big part of his identity.

He got variants of the same questions for example: Where do you get your protein? Is it hard? Is it pricey? How can you live without bacon? What do you eat? Where do you find it? Can you get it to the road?

That provided the genesis that he begins Friday, shipping and started working on a couple of years ago. Food Fight: My Plant Powered Journey in the Bingo Halls to the Big Time is not a wrestling book, though Aries rolls his early coaching and rise to getting TNA world winner, six-time X-Division champion, Ring of Honor world champion and now in WWE’s cruiserweight division. The book was written by aries .

The publication offers guidance and advice for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, but also provides Aries’ views on the virtues of the food that we consume and challenges the reader to consider the decisions they have when eating.

“The book is about food awareness and digging a little deeper into what’s facing us,” Aries informed For the Win. “It’s not about any certain kind of a diet or always becoming a vegan. It’s about taking another look at food, where it’s coming from and what it is doing to us and understand we all have a choice in that.”

Aries writes extensively about the need to read labels, check ingredients and seek alternative food options and chronicles the moments in his food journey – he cites driving beyond a massive poultry slaughterhouse one of them which directed him to move away from what he believed was the All-American way to eat growing up in the Midwest.

Grey Publishing

“For most people growing up, the standards is, does it taste great, how quickly will I get it and how cheap is it?” He explained. “What that shifted to, can it be great for me, how much nutritional value am I getting out of my dollar and where did it come from? With this, you have a look at meals an entirely different manner.

“By changing things, it forced me to focus on my diet – understanding what these numbers intended or what those components are looking down the list on the package. As soon as I started figuring it out, it blew my mind how awful the simplest choices put facing us are for us, the way misinformed we are, just how much propaganda there’s and the way what I call the ‘corporate food program’ has really grabbed hold in getting over our own lives.”

As for his career in the ring, Aries is coming from a loss in a submission match to WWE cruiserweight champion Neville in the Extreme Rules pay-per-view last Sunday to cap a feud that lasted more than four months. He also followed the game with a tweet:

“As far as what is next for me by a creative perspective or what my next move would be, that’s to be determined,” he explained. “I need to regroup and have a peek at the landscape and see where I match. … You just have to stay tuned in and find out what’s going to occur.”

Following an interview this week Busted Open on SiriusXM, reports indicated that Aries might be taking some time off to deal with injuries. He said that is not the case as far as looks: “I am flying out Friday morning and I will be working on the live events this weekend”

“If you examine the entire quote and what I said was, ” everybody is dealing with various stuff,” he explained. “I do not think there is anybody in the locker room is 100%. Webanged up to various degrees and ‘re all nicked. Like anything else, you pick and choose the times you require address when it needs to be addressed and some times are better than others”

“I guess no matter what interview I really do, the authentic good ‘journalists’ are going to find the completely insignificant quotes that will drum up some controversy and stick it onto their own page to get some clicks and totally overlook the real context of what the interview is all about. That is what we do today and call it ‘journalism.'”

Aries talked to For The benefit about much more, the division and his food journey.

What do you want the takeaway to be from the book?

The book is all about food awareness and digging a bit deeper into what’s in front of us. It’s not about any type of a diet or necessarily becoming a vegan. It’s about taking another look at food, what it is doing to us and where it’s coming from and understand we have a choice in that.

1 thing that’s apparent is that being a vegan is a lifestyle rather than a diet. Do you think men and women look at it that way?

This can be a mindset … and a lifestyle option. It’s what you prioritize together with your resources – your time, your cash and your energy – and where people are going to devote those. We spend them on what we deem important. For whatever reason, a lot of people have decided food is not that important to dedicate our resources. One of the things people always ask me is, is not it expensive to warm vegan or healthy? It may be, but isn’t it expensive to live in a nice home or drive a car or wear nice clothes? The folks lined up to the newest ‘i-whatever’ because they want the new one when they only got one a year ago and are prepared to drop $200 for it are the very same people that are trying to find the easiest, most convenient, most affordable food to consume. I feel like we’re missing the boat on this.

You explain as being at an extreme end of the spectrum, exactly what you do. What is your advice if someone would like to start this with a couple of steps?

Whatever diet switch you are considering doing go seek out information from those who are actively doing this. Give the info and the tools to yourself. Only start slow. No one will sustain large, dramatic changes immediately unless you’ve got strong conviction or that a-ha moment. I kinda failed. There was one day where I just stopped eating beef, but the transition to get rid of the eggs and milk took 12 decades. Perhaps pick at at a meal, some folks do ‘.’ There is a site for that and material on networking. The whole day, maybe you can’t do. Pick on one meal on a single day.

Everyone gets into a routine or comfort zone and you consume the exact same six things – you know you you know that that you can make it and you understand exactly what it costs. You have to substitute it when you start taking away things. For me personally, new foods opened up that I did not grow up eating in Wisconsin – all of these foods from these different cultures. Everyone would like to love food. I do not want to sacrifice my enjoyment and love food. You may enjoy food and can e healthy and mindful as you do it but it just requires effort and some time.

Wanted to ask you about where “205 Live” along with the cruiserweight division is. What are the upcoming steps, although you and Neville have brought name recognition to the branch?

I preach to everyone – whatever their opinion is – that patience is the key. I know that how people nowadays digest amusement. It takes time, when you’re attempting to build a new brand and introduce new characters and let them connect with the crowd and find themselves. … I feel as if people don’t place their own expectations on what they think it should be and enjoy it for what it is and watch it as it evolves and what it will turn into, the process would be more enjoyable for everyone.

Neville is a highly accomplished guy who is as gifted as any guy in my accolades and the organization speak for themselves and that I have some title notoriety from being in the game some time. If we’re ready to stabilize it which includes Brian Kendrick and bringing in Tajiri for a brief time – to allow time for some that is a winning formula.

Hometown Curse

WWE performers understand about the “Hometown Curse” – when you come to your hometown, you generally lose your game – but the tide is turning.

Rich Swann Sasha Banks won a tag team match in Swann’s hometown. On Tuesday, Luke Harper scored the pin in an eight-man tag team game before SmackDown Live in Rochester, N.Y.. At front, he blew a kiss during the match. Harper was 0-3 in the home.

Luke Harper (Photo: WWE)

Now after a short reunion with all the Wyatt Family in winter on his own, Harper is seeking to find his location.

“It is almost like a profession is restarting – or because of want of a better term – reborn,” Harper said in a lengthy interview for USA TODAY Network spouse The (Rochester, N.Y.) Democrat and Chronicle. “It’s a blank canvas right now and I am looking forward to whatever’s likely to come. I hope something is going to come fairly soon. I’ve been working each weekend (at live events), but nothing on TV as of right now and that is the wish to get back the market and also make some significant strides. I always have goals set and it’s hard once you’re not being utilized at the moment.”

Orton’s Classy Move

Fantastic moment after SmackDown Live went off the air Tuesday night. Two elderly women in the front row were sporting Uncle hats and red, blue and white sweaters. One held up a poster which stated, “My heart belongs to RKO.”

Randy Orton, scheduled to get a dark game with WWE champion Jinder Mahal, saw the hint and got out of the ring. He embraced one of the women, who made a pencil and wanted him to sign the poster. He signed, as the referee implored him to return in the ring. Orton held up a finger to inform the referee while he ended, to wait for one moment. The crowd responded with cheers.